Dear Denes,

I have read Head First many, many times during the past year (2010). The ideas you offer in the book have worked for me in a way that had never happened in more than 25 years of performing. After six teachers, years of frustration and inconsistent performances; something absolutely profound has occured in my singing and has enabled me to revive my singing activities with a completely new and secure technique. Congratulations on a terrific book that could surely impact any singer who reads, reflects and experiences the concepts you present. Very Best, Fred Frabotta

-- Fred Frabotta

Dear Mr. Striny,

My name is Eugene Olea, and I am a young baritone (18) currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

For the past four years I have been searching to find a teacher knowledgeable in the old school method of singing, a teacher who taught detailed head registration in correlation with a naturally floating larynx. I have always been driven to discover the best vocal technique, not only a method that would solve my current vocal problems, but a technique that would resonate within me as "vocal truth."

-- Eugene Olea, baritone

Hello Denes,

This is a voice from the past...Suzanne Murphy...we sang together in Norma at Minnesota Opera. I just wanted to make contact with you and tell you how much I enjoyed your book "Head First" which I picked up in a book store in Dublin about 2 weeks ago.

-- Suzanne Murphy

Dear Maestro Striny.

My name is Aderbal Soares. I am writing from São Paulo, Brazil. I am 40 years old. I have just bought your book and I am very happy because I got to know the things you wrote about. Nay, I also visited your web site and had loads of joy there. My favorite singers are Marilyn Horne, Joan Sutherland, Birgit Nilsson, Kathleen Battle, to say the least...

-- Aderbal Soares

Dear Mr. Striny!

Last fall when I visited New York, I bought your book "Head First". I had read about it earlier some place, but then I had the understanding that it was a collection of Birgit Bilsson's ideas and thoughts on singing. By the way, your book contains that too, but it's your way of describing the process of singing that I found very interesting and true.

-- Rolf Knapper, tenor

Hello, Denes,

I recently saw your ad in Classical Singer magazine for Head First, and I ordered the book hoping it would help me sort out what I had arrived at regarding the head voice and my own natural voice. It did that and so much more. I consider your book a masterpiece in the genre of vocal literature. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, so hard-won. My husband and I also enjoyed hearing your voice in the videos on YouTube. He's a huge Wagner fan, and says your voice is wonderful for this repertoire.

-- Robin Hendrix, mezzo-soprano

Hello Dr. Striny,

I have been using the exercises in your book for about the past month, and now I'm actually getting around to finishing the book now that school is out. I love your book, philosophy on singing, and the technique you teach. Currently I am not going to music school; I am attending a private university in Cedar City, Utah called George Wythe University. It is a classical liberal arts school, similar to Thomas Aquinas and Hillsdale. I've been taking voice lessons since I was 15, but this past semester I've just been teaching myself because I was not satisfied with any teachers in Cedar City. So far in my search for voice teachers that actually teach correct technique, you are one of two. The other is a man I took from this summer when I was home in Maryland for the break, Jackson Sheats; he teaches in Virginia.

-- Reagan Hanselman, soprano

Hello how are you?? I hope you are well.

My name is Linda Gutierrez, I am from Monterrey, Mexico, I just read your book and liked it so much. I am also one of those singers who doubts the art of teaching how to sing these days. I would very much like to meet you for a lesson, I will try to go to NY soon, maybe December, January or February. I hope we can meet.

-- Linda Gutierrez, soprano

Dear Mr. Striny,

Let me introduce myself. I am soprano based in the Boston area. My name is Gabriella Maria Campos. This past week I was in New York auditioning for Santa Fe's Summer Festival and to kill some time after my audition I went into the Barnes & Noble across from Lincoln Center to find a book that might be of interest to me. I was skimming through chapters of various well known vocal pedagogy books and biographies and was finding some interesting reads. But then, I came across your book and I simply could not put it down. I had to buy it.. so i did.

-- Gabriella Maria Campos, soprano

Dear Mr. Striny,

Well, I sang through your exercises in the book last night and a new world kind of opened up----going up into the high and staying easy is new and difficult, since I have spent so much time pushing. Today I went to sing for Evelyn Lear as part of her Emerging Wagner Singers Program, and she said it was the most beautiful my voice had ever sounded (and she is pretty critical!)---she also wondered why it was "darker", but said she could tell it helped. I will call you Monday then---- I am scheduled to sing for Matthew Epstein (CAMI) for the first time on Wednesday and am preparing a recital for the Wagner Society of America in Chicago for the end of the month, but I believe I may postpone singing for M. Epstein until I've worked some with you. I really want to learn about the head voice vowels! Now when I remember Mirella Freni's mouth opening on the top notes (same as Netrebko) it suddenly makes sense! I finished your book on the train ride back to NJ from DC tonight and enjoyed every bit of it----it really resonated with me!

Thanks very much,
Julia Rolwing

-- Julia Rolwing

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